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 ULTRALIFT is a novel breakthrough technology in Aesthetic medicine. It is the most effective non-surgical facelift, Body lift and Skin tightening treatment.The healing process is completely natural and tightens the loose skin on the neck, face, double chin, stomach and stretch marks.  
2. What is the treatment duration time?
The optimal treatment time is 30-45 (thirty to forty five) minutes. However, the duration may vary based on the indication or as decided by the physician.
3. ULTRALIFT treatment safe? 
Yes, it is safe with no reported side effects. The ULTRALIFT treatment is non-invasive and patients typically resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. 
4. What are the advantages of ULTRALIFT?
A major advantage of Ultralift (HIFU) over other thermal ablation techniques is that there is no necessarily for the transcutaneous insertion of probes into the treatment area. Treatment results normally lasts for 12 months to 36 months.
5. Is the procedure painful?
 During treatment, patients may feel a little discomfort, cold prickling, tingling, or warmth. After treatment, patients may experience some discomfort (pain), bruising, redness, and swelling, which are generally described as mild. 
6. What should patients do post treatment?
 Moisturize the skin 3 (three) times a day with moisturizing mask for at least 1 (one) week. Suggest take some collagen type medicine for about 1-6 (one to six) months according to patient's situation. Avoid drinking alcohol, eating chilly pepper and deeper pigment food for one month. 
7. How often should I have ULTRALIFT treatment done?
 Most patients see results with just one treatment. It's advisable to have treatment once in two years. However your doctor will advise you best. 
8. Can I apply makeup post treatment?
 Yes. You can apply makeup and resume your normal lifestyle after treatment. 
9. Important Safety Information
The ULTRALIFT system is not for for use in patients with a  coagulation disorder, using anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors, or who have an implanted electrical device. Treatment is contraindicated for patients with cancer, systemic disease, or who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant. 

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