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How it works?
Fractional Laser therapy affects only smallest segments "Fractions" of the skin. The laser emits pulses which ablate the upper skin layer in small points only by splitting the laser beam into 169 points, the untreated, healthy skin area have positive effect on the healing of the treated areas - this speeds up the healing process and serves to trigger skin renewal and collagen formation. 
Is the treatment painful?
 No, the laser is not painful. Normally, it is very well tolerated with numbing cream applied 30 minutes before procedure. 
How many sessions are necessary?
 In most cases, results can be noticed after the first session, depending on the severity of symptoms, your doctor will decide number of sessions, usually 3-4 sessions are required. 
Is this laser treatment safe?
With more than 2300 Dermablate laser system sold all over the world, a high degree of reliability and effectiveness can be guaranteed when used by qualified specialty on carefully selected patients. 
What should I expect after treatment?
 You will feel something similar to sunburn, the skin is reddened and an edema appears, small scabs form, which disappear after 3 - 5  days. 
What should I do after treatment?
 It's highly advisable to avoid sun light for few days after treatment, sun screen cream should be applied along with any other medications prescribed by your doctor. Don't touch your face. 
- Bikini Lightening Vita C+
- Skin Rejuvenation
- Acne Scars Removal
- Soft Peeling
- Wrinkles Reduction 
- Face Lifting
- Warts Removal 
- Underarm Lightening
- Skin Resurfacing
- Epidermal Nevi

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