Dr. Azza Mohamed Algemay

Eye Doctor Ophthalmologist In Ajman

A Regular Eye Test Ensures A Healthy Eyesight A routine eye exam can help detect signs of serious health conditions, like diabetes, a brain tumor and high cholesterol. Your eyes are the only place in your body that provide a clear view of your blood vessels, arteries, and a cranial nerve which can tell your doctor a lot about your overall health. • Providing routine care such as vision testing and prescribing glasses and contact lenses. • Performing corrective surgeries, such as repairing injuries and corneas, and removing cataracts. • Performing advanced surgical procedures, such as keyhole or laser surgery. • Diagnosing and treating eye diseases and injuries. • Managing emergency eye clinics, outpatient clinics, or other specialist eye clinics. • Treating medical disorders that affect the vision through a holistic approach. • Using therapeutic procedures and performing biopsies. ELAJ MEDICAL CENTRE LLC AJMAN OFFERS ??A FREE EYE CHECK UP?? Special Ophthalmology consultation packages For more details, Please contact ? 06 7418880 Or 055 3827 559

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