Dr. Alaa Ahmad Al Rifai

Family Medicine Specialist

Your Family’s Healthcare Partner: Introducing Our Family Medicine Specialist at Elaj Medical Centre Ajman

At Elaj Medical Centre Ajman, we understand the importance of having a trusted healthcare provider for your entire family. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive family medicine services led by our dedicated Family Medicine Specialist.

Our specialist provides a holistic approach to patient care, catering to the needs of individuals of all ages, from infants and children to adults and seniors.

Benefits of Seeing Our Family Medicine Specialist

  • **Convenience and Continuity of Care:** Avoid the need to visit multiple specialists. Our Family Medicine Specialist is qualified to handle a broad spectrum of medical issues, ensuring continuity of care for your entire family.
  • **Personalized Care:** Build a long-term relationship with your family doctor who understands your unique medical history and health risks. This allows for tailored preventive care plans and treatment approaches.
  • **Focus on Preventive Care:** Our Family Medicine Specialist prioritizes preventative measures to keep your family healthy. This includes routine checkups, vaccinations, screenings for common conditions, and lifestyle counseling.
  • **Comprehensive Services:** Receive care for all stages of life, from well-baby checkups to adult wellness checks, women’s health services, men’s health care, chronic disease management, and treatment for acute illnesses and minor injuries.

Our Family Medicine Specialist’s Services

  • **Well-child visits and immunizations:** Ensure your child’s healthy development through regular checkups and timely vaccinations.
  • **Adult wellness examinations:** Receive comprehensive physical exams, discuss preventive measures, and address any health concerns.
  • **Women’s health:** Get routine checkups, access family planning services, and address women’s specific health needs across all life stages.
  • **Men’s health:** Our specialist addresses men’s health concerns, including preventive screenings, sexual health, and management of chronic conditions.
  • **Chronic disease management:** We help patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma through ongoing monitoring, medication management, and lifestyle counseling.
  • **Acute illness care:** Receive treatment for common illnesses and injuries, including colds, flu, allergies, and minor injuries.
  • **Nutritional advice:** Our specialist can provide personalized nutritional guidance to help you and your family achieve optimal health.
  • **Well Man and Well Woman health checks:** Receive comprehensive checkups tailored to your specific gender-related health concerns.
  • **Travel vaccinations:** Stay healthy on your travels by ensuring you have the necessary vaccinations before departure.
  • **Advice on weight management:** Our specialist can offer guidance and support for healthy weight management, including body composition analysis for obesity.
  • **Holistic Care:** We believe in providing a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating mind, body, and spirit for optimal well-being.
  • **Lab services:** Convenient on-site lab services ensure you receive prompt and accurate test results.
  • **Well-child care:** We provide comprehensive well-child care from infancy to adolescence, ensuring your child’s healthy development.
  • **Physical exams for sports, school and summer camp:** Our specialist can provide the required physical exams for participation in sports, school activities, and summer camps.

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