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Specialist Psychiatrist (A) Specialist in Psychiatry – Psychotherapy University of Ireland – Dublin The use of modern methods in treatment of: All kinds of Depression Tension, Anxiety, Stress, Hopelessness, Suicidal Ideation. Social phobia, unjustified panic, General fear, Difficulty in sleeping, Lack of concentration, Memory Problems and Loss of Energy. Weight Problems and Psychological consequences due to weight problems. Schizoprenia, Bipolar affective disorder, Dementia, and early dementia (Alzheimer’s) Marital and sexual problems. Emotional problems and family relationships. Low self-esteem and Hesitation in taking decision. Chronic headaches, constant thinking. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive thoughts Incorrect habits and abnormal behavior in children. Attention Deficit disorder (ADHD) Night urination, constant fear, introversion and isolation in children

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