Dr. Basman Naimi – Specialist Urologist in Ajman

Specialist Urologist in Ajman

Dr. Basman is one of the best Urologist in Ajman at Elaj Medical Centre offers comprehensive urology care. He is thorough and caring and makes you feel at ease. Through his vast experience in consulting Urological Procedures Dr. Basman has gained an impressive scope of medical knowledge. He and his team make every effort to put his patients at ease and provide them with the best comprehensive care. His patients tell us his consultations, are always very precise and thorough, The Urology care service are include:, Lithotripsy (ESWL), Circumcision (infant & child), All surgery of testis, hernia & Hydrocele, Transurethral resection of prostate & bladder tumors, Urinary tract infection, Benign prostatic hyperplasia , Male Sexual Dysfunction, Male Infertility, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Pediatric Urology

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